02 Andy James on The Future of Sport

In this episode, featuring guest host Steve McFadyen, we discuss the future of sport with Andy James, a former urban designer that works in the sports industry.

There are a number of changes taking place in sport that are radically changing how its future may look. These include –

  • Shorter, more accessible sports formats
  • The rapid growth of E-Sports and VR
  • “Gamification” of sports
  • New technology

We debate how these new developments might affect sport, what challenges they might face, and predict how the future could look for the industry.

Show Notes:

  • Shorter formats in sport [0:48]
  • The growth of E-Sports and VR [8:57]
  • Gamification of sport [18:10]
  • New technology [24:58]

Significant quotes:

“I think T20 cricket has grabbed something that worked, fits around people’s normal routines, and has been marketed as a spectacle with top players taking part in it… other sports are considering promoting short formats from the top-down, but they’re not necessarily bubbling up from the grass-roots” [1:10]

“Virtual reality is exciting – I can imagine in 20 years having the VR mask on in the garden, and you could be playing squash against someone on the other side of the world… you still do the movements and wouldn’t have to pay for a leisure facility” [11:09]

“How far back can you go back to review decisions? By digging into it further you look for an extra layer of perfection… a lot of the excitement in sport is that mistakes are made, creating drama and opportunities for other teams to take part in” [15:54]

“Where sport and technology are crashing together… there’s all sorts of possibilities. The crucial component to it is that you can play a game in isolation, whereas apps and platforms create added meaning and context such as comparing your cycling times with your mates or looking at Parkrun statistics” [18:57]

Best Out of context quote

“You can’t see him here on the podcast but he is crying at the moment” [24:35]

Links Mentioned:

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Strava – www.strava.com

London Sport Tech Hub – http://www.sporttechhub.co.uk/