03 Craig Bryant on Table Tennis

We discuss playing and coaching Table Tennis professionally with Craig Bryant, who has competed in national and international tournaments and played professionally in Belgium. He’s also worked professionally in the sport in coaching and development. Craig has set up the very successful coaching business, Top Edge Table Tennis.

We find out the highlights and challenges of Craig’s career at the top of a sport, how he’s built a successful coaching brand, and where he thinks that the sport could develop in the future.

Show Notes:

  • The highlights and challenges of being a professional coach [0:58]
  • Playing as a professional in the UK and abroad [8:00]
  • The future of table tennis and how it may develop [13:12]

Significant quotes:

“I don’t necessarily structure everything I do. When I have someone new on the table, we have a play around and understand where they can make improvements… an important skill for a coach is to make training specific to people you’re working with and having variety to your work” [5:20]

“When I was 18 I was selected to play at the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia in 2004… I wasn’t quite the level to get into the team, but I had the opportunity to go, I took it with both hands and it was an incredible experience to play on a big stage and come away with a silver medal in the team championships” [8:55]

“The biggest change I’d like to see [in the sport] is how the sport is delivered on television… when you see a tournament with 4 or 8 matches on it’s fine to watch… on television it’s often one table in a large arena and you can’t see the crowd, and the atmosphere gets lost. I’d like to see a Crucible type atmosphere with the crowd close to the action” [18:13]

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